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Leading Self is about inner leadership and how all of us contribute in the leading process. The book demonstrates how current knowledge of human functioning can be applied in the leading of teams and organizations. A primary purpose is to inspire leaders and collaborators in their professional and personal development.


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Comments on the original in Swedish, Ledning sökes, 2012:

A very readable book and a valuable complement to the field of leadership and leading processes. The book gives objective and scientific illustrations of many aspects of leadership and of cooperation between leaders and collaborators. The main focus is on psychosocial processes and sustainable development. Despite all the facts, the book is easy to read and pedagogical. The book is therefore suitable for courses and studies. At the same time, some sections are as inspiring, motivating and reflecting as a good sermon.
Anna Rosengren, priest and ethics consultant, Etik i arbetslivet


A very well written book in which Stig reflects on his experiences from his full professional life. He pays attention to Stephen Covey, Will Schutz and others. Stig also writes about the challenge of the current society, a society that finds it hard to control and with companies just waiting. We cannot wait and everyone needs to be more aware of their choices.
Pär Larshans, chief of sustainability, Ragn-Sells, Sweden


People need a completely different type of leadership than those leaders and managers who have created the chaos that prevails in the world in 2012. Stig Zandrén’s book shows in a meritorious way that the world needs leaders who think in new ways and how these ways can look like.
Håkan Lagergren, author and designer of the UID Future Map


Ledning sökes is not a book for beginners in organizational psychology. It is a book for those who have read much about the subject and who want to go on with their own thoughts. Stig Zandrén gives many examples of theoretical models which function as a quick course in organizational psychology, a kind of ’psychology for dummies’, for us who do not follow the current psychological discussion. And that is good enough.
Marianne Berg, social worker and journalist, Ord & Handling


This personally written and experience based leadership philosophy is well connected anchored in current research. It has a wide theoretical base and mirrors an optimistic attitude towards the current challenges. The personal address adds another dimension – an invitation to the reader to co-create.
Bosse Forsén, BTJ spring 2012

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Beyond Self is about thinking and rethinking, especially when we don’t understand what is going on. We are influenced by our thoughts – and they also affect what happens around us. Beyond Self moves between the individual self and the Universe, between the Big Bang and Emerging Futures. Going ‘beyond self’ can be a key to self awareness. With references to his personal and professional experiences, to acknowledged scholars and to current scientific progress, the author shares his ways of thinking about complex and contemporary issues. He also provides a personal selection of theories and methods.



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Comments on Beyond Self:

Stig Zandrén’s excellent book has helped me to develop answers to my two questions:
Who creates my future? and Who am I?
Håkan Lagergren, Simrishamn, Sweden, copywriter and author


Stig is an authority on the Human Condition as his work demonstrates. He has created a new way to use FIRO, Human Element Thinking, as it applies to each of us.
Patrick Young, Learning Edge Consulting, UK


I read the book from cover to cover. It is filled with relevant facts and interesting theories.
Well written!
Christer Nylander, Lund, Sweden